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from __future__ import print_function
import copy
import six
import traceback
class PyaErrTemplate(Exception):
def __init__(self, what, errType, where=None, why=None, solution=None, addInfo=None, tbfe=None):
The PyA error class template.
what : string
What has happened?
errType : string
Description of the type of error.
where : string
Where did it happen?
why : string
Why did it happen?
solution : string or list of strings
How can the problem be solved?
addInfo : string
Whatever additional information may be available.
tbfe : Exception
Saves trace back from a previously raised exception.
Of the parameters, only the first (what) and second (errType) are mandatory; the latter
should be provided by every more specialized exception class.
.. note:: The template should never be raised directly, but specialized derived classes
should be used.
self.errorType = errType
self.what = what
self.where = where
self.why = why
# Check whether solution is iterable
self.solution = solution
if solution is not None:
if not isinstance(solution, six.string_types):
self.solution = copy.deepcopy(solution)
self.solution = [solution]
self.addInfo = addInfo
# Check trace back
if not tbfe is None:
self.tbfe = None
def addTB(self, e):
Add trace back from another exception.
e : Exception
The exception from which to add.
self.tbfe = [" - " + l for l in traceback.format_exc().splitlines(True)]
def __str__(self, head=True):
Return error message as string.
- `head` - boolean, If True, a header will be printed says "PyA error". Setting False is, e.g.,
used in printing warnings.
e = ""
if head:
e = "\n"
e += "---------------------\n"
e += "A PyA error occurred:\n"
e += "---------------------\n"
if not self.tbfe is None:
# Print information from trace back (add indentation)
e += "PyA trace back:\n"
for l in self.tbfe:
e += l
if head:
e += "Type of error: " + self.errorType + "\n"
e += "What happened?\n"
e += " " + self.what + "\n"
if not self.where is None:
e += "Where did it happen?\n"
e += " " + self.where + "\n"
if not self.why is None:
e += "Why did it happen?\n"
e += " " + self.why + "\n"
if not self.solution is None:
e += "What are possible solutions?\n"
for s in self.solution:
e += " - " + s + "\n"
if not self.addInfo is None:
e += "Additional information:\n"
e += " " + self.addInfo + "\n"
return e
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