Commit 009738fb authored by Monica Rainer's avatar Monica Rainer
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Change JD keyword description

DRS_MJD, HJD and BJD refers to mid-exposure time
parent 514ed91b
......@@ -154,10 +154,10 @@ CONFIG['SPEC_USED'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'SPEC')),'Images combined')
CONFIG['SPEC_MJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'MJD')),'MJD of the relative image')
CONFIG['SNR'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'SNR')),'SNR in the middle of the order',)
CONFIG['STRAIGHT_PAR'] = OrderedDict([ ('P1',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP1'))), ('P2',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP2'))), ('P3',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP3'))), ('P4',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP4'))), ('P5',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP5'))), ('P6',' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'STR2DP6'))) ])
CONFIG['DRS_MJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'MJD')),'MJD of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['DRS_MJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'MJD')),'Mid-exposure MJD of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['BERV'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'BERV')),'Barycentric correction [km/s]')
CONFIG['HJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'HJD')),'HJD_UTC of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['BJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'BJD')),'BJD_TDB of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['HJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'HJD')),'Mid-exposure HJD_UTC of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['BJD'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'BJD')),'Mid-exposure BJD_TDB of the (combined) image')
CONFIG['AIRMASS'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'AIRMASS')),'Airmass of the combined image')
CONFIG['MASTERFLAT'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'FLAT')),'Flat-field used for the reduction')
CONFIG['MASTERLAMP'] = (' '.join((CONFIG['KEY_DRS'],'LAMP')),'Calibration lamp used for the reduction')
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